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Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

The Colorful Birthday Cake To Show a Great Birthday

Loved one's birthday is coming soon? Or if you do something special to celebrate? Calls on the cake! And special it is a good way to check is to decorate. A birthday cake decorated with a little imagination take you. Thousands of hobbies and sports theme themes such as Dora the Explorer or Winnie the Pooh and the popular children's characters can be used.

First, you need a cake: you need to buy it in stores or baggage, it's entirely up to you. You can also decorate pipe bag is required. Most of these disposable can be purchased from the supermarket. They typically draw a flower for instance, or to write the name, you can create a variety of different patterns with different nozzle sizes. You can also recommend buying a tube coated. A variety of colorful decorations these small tubes to create the name came easily or without obstacles were designed to add the final touch.

Natural food coloring is also a birthday cake decorations, and theme - can be useful on the cake. Best to draw a good pattern on the cake would be to use cake stencils. They swirl design can do is just sprinkle sugar over the stencil, such as stars, flowers, etc., theme - come in a variety pack. And small plastic toys do not forget to buy some (trains, boats, trees, miniature monsters - the possibilities are endless) can be used as cake toppers.

Now, let's decorate a birthday cake for your child want to start a word. First, a few hours to put a birthday cake in the freezer. If you have it decorated it in pieces will help to prevent the cake. Have your cake in the fridge, while searching the Internet for relevant images attacks - This is the ultimate tool for inspiration. First, the effect can be achieved using painted backgrounds, and decorative color, select foods.

This field is used to create a green colored icing: For example, tell you're a football theme. Next, yard lines and numbers corresponding to the yard line is used for decorative piping bag. Pressure control is the key to a great decorative: it remains stable, even! Tubes of colorful decorations, painted symbols of his favorite team. Finally, you create more realistic to add another dimension to the cake, several small plastic players in the field can hold.