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Minggu, 25 September 2011

Find a new identity behind a mask

I was never a fan of costume parties, but that changed when I attended my first masquerade ball. The theme was black and white, which is why I have selected a gown of black and beautiful white ball appropriate for a Queen. Detailing flower adorned the bra and the back of the hand, creating a unique look. However, what really made my team was masquerade black and white mask carrying.

The last time that a gift mask to my face that was about ten years and trick or treatment for Halloween. My memories were that it was very tight and had difficulty breathing. Therefore, you can imagine that it was not moved by myself subject to. To my surprise, I found the masks of modern farce to be extremely comfortable. My head was not limited by the mask of white and black that I selected.

Tissue covers the back of the mask, so that my face was comfortable. Satin ties said the mask to my face and I was glad to rid of the rubber in bandas-máscaras of my youth. The mask of my eyes and nose and with black feathers on the corner of each eye, black sequins of cut, silver, and a jeweled accent. I felt dizzy knowing that nobody recognizes me.

I got to the ball my mask of even that my best friend would be in the know. It is easy to identify some of the guests with unique hair colors. My hair was slicked back and wrapped in a bun, add to my anonymity. As people spoke to me during the cocktail hour, many of them did not know who I was. Some suppose that my identity and we had a few laughs.

A thing that realized me throughout the night was that the mask gave me license to have more fun. You do not feel foolish when doing the chicken dance using a mask. Even I could do a particular attractive (what might say) male invited to dance without embarrassment.

Now pass the opportunity to attend a masked ball and I'm already looking for my next dress and mask. This time, I plan to do so, with a colorful dress and mask matching jeweled. There is space on the wall for the mask of attractive, as I plan to keep each one. Who knows, perhaps will even dress up for Halloween next year!