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Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

10 fascinating birthday facts!

One: happy birthday (part 1)

Birthday of the world's most widely celebrated the anniversary. Happy birthday to their Empire are stationed throughout the Roman soldiers were spread by.

2: birthday cake (part 1)

Ancient Greece was first conceived a birthday cake. Obviously, for a few pints pub worse is they Artemis, once per year the Temple of the goddess of the Moon in moon-shaped cake.

3: birthday cake candle

Those crazy Greece also birthday cake candle celebrate by sticking and mimic the light of the Moon light temple on their way to a candle on the cake was invented.

4: birthday cake (part 2)

In the Middle Ages was invented Christmas) before each other slightly sweet dough is used to give the Germans treat Jesus in the shape of each year, to celebrate the birth of Jesus. So someone's birthday celebration of edible treats, started the tradition of giving.

5: birthday cards

First birthday card sender for absolutely no concrete evidence but we clever Chinese long before anyone else each other sending greeting cards. We United Kingdom royalties from each other some special cases, hundreds of years ago, congratulations cards decorate the notice was sent.

06: birthday gifts and birthday gifts (part 1)

Apparently, a Christian, you, or you if he was born when the three wise men visited the baby Jesus. you know, they brought their gifts, and so began the tradition of a birthday gift.

7: birthday gifts and birthday gifts (part 2)

Birthday gift was granted on their birthday to them (in the old days, known as the good cheer) bring happiness and fight the evil spirits. Most people have their birthday these days need to fight evil spirits vodka!

08: birthday party

Of course, Artemis her moon-cake (not much of a birthday gift) of collecting the Greeks ' acquisition ' was the first birthday. But the birthday party started KinderFest with celebration of Germany in the history of the life of a child from a celebration party. When the average life expectancy age was not high, your celebration is a happy event, and not just a year earlier. Of course, the lucky boy or girl birthday gifts to bring meaning to attend a birthday party.

09: happy birthday (two parts)

United Kingdom Queen, two birthdays, actual birthday and official birthday. He is her birthday gift should be a means to get the load.

10: happy birthday song

Birthday tune for the song was written by Mildred Hill in 1890, her sister later wrote the words we have come to know it, and was first published in 1935. Here's a song, you will not be able to write a Word to our surprise, the song is still technically, you sing it every time that you will be required to pay a fee, which means that under copyright protection!

The invention of the most innovative and interesting birthday gifts, a special gift this year, some ideas for visit get why.