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Rabu, 29 Juni 2011

How to plan a 4 to 6 años-edad birthday party

Parts of children can be a wonderful occasion memorable and positive but careful planning and organization is the key! Limit the number of children attending - his son could be overwhelmed with many guests. A group of children from 10 to 12 can be a good number especially for this age group. Less is best! Children who know generally is a good idea too. Is not necessary to invite the Group of students of all class/pre to part of his son - is more likely that her son is no friend of everybody and can turn into a circus, if the group is too large!

However, it is a good idea to send invitations to his Guest House to not disappoint anyone, giving them at the school.

Keep the party short and sweet. 1 1/2-2 hours is enough for this age group. A theme is always a bit of fun for example a fairy, pirate, dinosaur, Assistant, party disco. Children want to come clothing and decorations and food and games may reflect the theme.

Having a party at home can mean that you can keep costs down. Birthday parties can be an expensive business!

The children arrive when time for greetings and familiarisation. It is a side to open later in an orderly manner, either turns into a disaster if his son asks open gifts, greet guests and talk to people of all at the same time.

Have do they organized some games once everyone has arrived.? This gives some order of the day, breaks the ice and is fun. Some old favorites such as pass the package always are a success. A craft is also a good thing to do. Allow time for the activity ' free ' where there is nothing planned - music for dancing or balls and rings to play outdoors.

Gather together children just before its time to cut the cake - this can be a time of the opening and the opportunity for you and the his son individually thank their guests and see what has been. Then it is time for pastry and giving the lolly bags as children go home.

Children do not need a mountain of food - a savory Favorites and birthday cake is all that is needed - I've seen a lot of waste of food - children tend to be too excited to eat. Keep the simple menu. Sandwiches, mini quiches, mini sausage rolls, bread of fairies and ice cream are all bookmarks that are easy to prepare. Enjoy!