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Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

Happy birthday

Europe's carousing birthday Mithras in the Roman Empire, the original of Iran is considered to be adored and initiation. It is very rare during the middle ages, but with the advent of reform of the resurrection.

Happy birthday singing his birthday celebration in the end person traditionally is sung. Carnival of candles behind and then flashy birthday cake slicing. Department of candle of light is that most people believe. The meaning of wishes. Can all the candles, and fly away breath wish to come true is to believe. Birthday cake is very nicely decorated and illuminated with a candle it garlanded. Birthday song dessert or a very special birthday cake delivery restaurant also in some places, you can perform.

Use the candle is also a number of candles can prove to be the risk of fire. E. g. numbers means a candle if the person's age 50 next 50, lighting a candle instead of only after the number is placed 5 numeric 0 cakes for candle-shaped numbers, will be.

Birthday, honored with the person's own hugs from friends and family, gets a phone call or letter. Children generally pin the tail on the donkey game such as, musical chairs and Piñatas blow on this special day, you can enjoy. Adult birthday celebration their personally some of the restaurants with their friends at favored by dinner. Surprise party tradition is also popular. Birthday the birthday boy or girl receives no greetings to his family in the beginning of the day because of the surprise party honored a person who has organized the joy.

In addition, treatment practice of friends and gifts by always is not compensated. The girl in the 1950s and 60 of their school, commonly practiced custom candy, candy, bubble gum, sugar cubes, lemon drops and their age on their birthday, more reasonable ornamented with a gift of flowers, receiving a bouquet.

Birthday spanking their friends and family by birthday the birthday boy or girl to practice a lot of other items. popularization They are behind in a pinch to grow. Birthday bumps are also prominent; Here's the birthday boy/girl and his friends and family are turned off by the air and then gently placed on the ground so that they don't get hurt. Bump was honored on the number of people to reach their birthday is the same age. ' Birthday beats ' and ' birthday bash ' also the birthday of his arms friendly thumps Gets a number of similar birthday bumps, this day practice or reach the age again.

1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and so on such notable ages are specifically birthday celebration. Golden birthday one champagne birthday as well, at this point, his date of birth, e. g portion of the match for one age birthday men's age on his date of birth, 5 30 supposedly 30 case his Golden birthday.

Many in the United States women's Sweet 16 birthday party. Latin America, 15 women's birthday is traditionally one of the show.

Jesus Christ or the Prophet Muhammad and the same historically important people's birthday is usually followed by a religious place and the people's House in celebration is the official holiday as celebrated. Some nouns, especially monarchs, this year's date of arrival, a fixed day in the day is still their actual birth date does not match his birthday celebration. United Kingdom Crown; In the United Kingdom under the King or the Queen's birthday, and so on for example the Queen Empress Victoria birthday may 24; The original Empire day on hold, calling Commonwealth day. Luxembourg national holiday is June 23, 2008. These are some of the nationally well known birthday.

The symbolic birthday gift of the people who have been honored with a variety of Zodiac stones containing very outstanding. Derived from the biblical times is. Statistics are as follows: January-March-aquamarine or bloodstone, April-diamond, Garnet, February 5-Amethyst, Emerald, June-Pearl Moonstone or alexandrite, July-Ruby, August Peridot or sardonyx or Sapphire, Sapphire-September, October tourmaline or Opal, November – yellow Topaz or satrine and December con turquoise or lapis lazuli, the Blue Topaz.

This is a list of the United States in 1912, the National Association of Jewelers of adopted officially by the, and it is currently the most widely list United States and Australia, Thailand, including many other places.

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