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Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011

5 essential tips for commercial baking

As a commercial baker spent several hours in a warm kitchen baking and numerous mistakes. I love to share what I have with others, so they do not have to do the same errors and saves time and money with special savings frustration on the side.
There are many things you can do as a commercial baker to do my job, easier and safer, but there are 5 important tips that I'd like to share as a commercial baker himself. I like to watch, Gordon Ramsey cooking shows that as the "kitchen nightmares", "F" word "and" Hell's Kitchen. " Even though these shows are fun, they are quite an education. It is a very good reason why it is one of the number one chef in the world. On the basis of their experience and what I learned from other chefs and cooks are the five tips I'd like to focus on: purity, cross-contamination, hydration, ventilation, and multitasking.

The Purity Of The

Clean the kitchen is very important, therefore, is listed first. Maintenance of every centimeter of your kitchen clean from the ceiling of the floor in the fridge to the furnace is important for the laundry list of reasons. You can create the space for a bacteria or forms of growth, which is very bad for the food industry and help you flunk health inspection; You can cause contamination that could cause allergic reactions of customers and possible law suits; and your kitchen simply looks NTIC, when it's complicated and dirty. With everything growing or crap on your device is not recommended, because it may begin to malfunction, or any of the accumulation of food cooking. It eventually changes the taste of food.
Routine, I have a tendency to follow is clear, before I start, a clean, while I work, and the net, when I'm done. Before I start, please make sure that there is no dust on a ceiling fan, which can fall into my recipes with all the surfaces of the Wash My dishes, and counter tops to prevent anything in food preparing to maintain food, accurate and rich taste. You do not want different flavours from one recipe to another recipe; the results could be disastrous.
Be sure to wash your hands between processing each step, if possible, and the gloves and the net. Did you want to nevzhledného hair, belonging in the food you serve. It would not support the run. Also, you never know when you have a guest in the kitchen so keep clean and polished the surface look like a hero and clean Cook. I wash and Polish all surfaces in the kitchen, when I had finished all the sparkle and shine, literally. Cleaning is much easier and faster when the day and saves time.


Food allergies are a big deal. any other people have allergies now than 20 years ago. Types of food allergies are still worse and still unclear. I myself I have allergies to food, which make it difficult to make very certain proteins in my diet. Also, I personally know someone allergic to Mint. In any case you don't want to end up with an action that you can get out of business. The best is to develop some of the practices in the kitchen. Once the practice to use a different dish and the spoon, spatula, for each individual cookie batter, I'll do. You cannot switch the spoon or rinse the spoon. As soon as I finish that batter, the spoon goes directly into the dishwasher and not hand washed. Also do you recipes, which usually do not have food allergies first so the smell of other foods such as nuts do not contaminate. Some people are so high that an allergic reaction to the odour of a foodstuff, they may have. The following batter, then for the first time the seal is the put-away and also helps prevent spraying from contaminants. Try to look at the situation from the standpoint of the person of baking with allergies and make edits, where do you feel, if need be.


The kitchen tends to be hot and stuffy. Heat can eventually cause dehydration. Dehydration can be a problem as a result of exhaustion and dizziness, which can lead to errors or even accidents. As explained above, an accident, such as cross-contamination can be a fatal mistake. Are you doing while cleaning the error is not the correct function can also cause problems of raw food materials and food poisoning. Again not a good situation to get to. My best suggestion, find a bottle of sport, you can't spill over into their food and to stay away from the immediate work area but still in range. Drink plenty of water and fluids to keep properly hydrated and pondered.


Vent with hydration because ventilation helps keep the air moving, flowing and heat at a reasonable level. Too much heat can lead to dehydration and error or accident. Air movement and reduce the heat helps minimize these problems. Ceiling fan works well to move into the air and range hood for your stove to provide the air outside the building works great to keep the heat of the kitchen altogether. Make sure that these devices are kept clean and dust free because you don't want the contaminants in foods, your. Another reason for ventilation is to keep the smell to a minimum. Heavy smell in the kitchen can be actually a variant of your food. The scent are made of tiny, microscopic particles of this object. For example, if you feel Marsala sauce, are in fact Small particles of the sauce hovers in the air and fall into the nose, allows you to feel. Keep this information in mind, if your baking Belgian chocolate mousse cake, but the smell of peanut butter in the kitchen, the odds are that the taste alone could save your pie chart. This is another reason for the cross-contamination and the use of that base first batter, then my peanut butter or the last White chocolate macadamia nut batter.


Multitasking is important in any business situation, baking, and is a key element to be able to work in this environment. To do so many recipes in so little time may be daunting, but they can maximize profits and minimize stress levels. My best suggestion is to start small and get routine science before adding more. Slowly add one piece at a time until you are sure that you can do it, what you will. If the three items can only be processed in time, it's worth and stay for three at a time. Too many can lead to errors and lost profits. Don't blame yourself if you can't do twenty at a time. At least you still gains and produce quality products. Remember that one of the most important thing to sell your product, not so much the quantity and quality. You're perfect routine, you can find the tools that can help you improve on the time and increase the quantity without quality suffer.

I hope you found this article useful and see more in the future.