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Senin, 06 Juni 2011

Vanilla frosting

Vanilla is a strange, made with butter, fresh cream, some good and pure vanilla essence Slurp mixed with confectioners sugar, strong enough to light as a feather on top of the sponge or cup cakes and ate with gusto.

Vanilla was used for centuries to the odour of a foodstuff and, today, may be in the ice-cream, cakes, biscuits, dairy drinks, added to fruit juices, fruit, some of the smell even add, when cooking vegetables as also improves the taste of the vegetables to achieve their natural sweetness.

Can I take my grandma use purely cocktail in many dishes. You should only use pure extract; in fact, I'm not sure if any imitation cocktail in her time, if there was, I was not aware of it. 2 Spoons that she would supplement the rice pudding, would be for the Gran Daddy. The pudding, which was poured over her apple pie something heavenly sent; It would, and with lots of milk and vanilla.

One thing I can remember is its Vanilla butter cake plate. Grandma was quite proud of. She should have a huge amount of dough, which she said, was twice the normal mixture on the cake, she was freshly made butter, 6 eggs, sugar, flour, 2 teaspoons of baking powder and fresh cream with 4 polévkových tablespoons of pure cocktail. It would go into a large rectangle lined baking pan.

Once the cooking and cooling, Grandma, I make vanilla frosting on the cake add transmission densely some bag pipes and pipelines the shell pattern around the sides of the cake. After everything was done, I was allowed to lick the bowl. Joy oh joy!

This cake was generally served and eaten dinner on Friday, my mom and dad, aunt and uncles and Grandmother and Gran, Dad, along with a steaming pots of milk chocolate, as was a family tradition, he met and played cards every Friday evening.

Hot chocolate was amazing, that I remember, when three blocks from the chocolate, melted in hot milk. Sometimes I work and This great stirring a potion, if I went to Grandma to places with MOM and dad.

It's amazing what you'll remember about his childhood and a delicious sauce with my grandma is one of them.

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