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Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

The simplest pudding cakes into Mini Masterpieces

This pudding cake decoration national month cream may be one of the best things to do. With your usual cake recipe in his favorite pan shapes, or DIC springform, which are usually deeper than usual to allow layering to allow the following ideas to help you decorate the cake pudding easily and quickly for the impressive classical and elegant glaze design, impress your family and friends.

Feathered effect

You will need:

1 prepared deep cream Cake110 g (3 oz.) apricot jam, or your favorite jam316 g (10 oz.) simple dark chocolate100 g (3 oz.) white chocolate

Special equipment

KnifePiping BrushPalette a pastry bag fitting with a small tube at the writingSharp a knife or skewer

Place cake on a wire rack. Brush top and sides of the cake to remove excess crumbs. In a saucepan, heat the small jam then sift in the bowl. Brush the entire cake jam generously. That anchor the left over crumbs and prevent their way into the glaze. Leave cake to stand for one hour.

Melt the chocolate separately in a Heatproof bowl over simmering water basin. When melted, uniformly on top and sides of cake with the palette knife. Spoon white chocolate into the bag pipes and pipe ready equally spaced parallel lines on the cake.

Give the cake a quarter turn, then put in a tip a sharp knife or a skewer through the lines, first in one direction, then to the other, creating a feathery effect. Let the cake until the chocolate before the transfer.

Diamond, trimmed

You will need:

1 prepared cream Cake250 g (8 oz.) seedless raspberry jam, or a custom jam110 g (3 oz.) walnuts or walnuts, chopped (1 cup) finely200g powdered sugar

Special equipment

Large serrated knifePastry BrushLarge metal skewer

Remove pudding cake horizontally into two parts, with a serrated knife. Extended two-thirds of jam sandwich, and filling out the cake together. Brush top and sides of delete excess crumbs. In a saucepan, melt the rest of the small or jam and brush evenly over cake, pastry brush.

Spread the chopped walnuts or walnuts on a piece of foil. One hand on the cake and the other under carefully turn the cake on its side and roll the balls until parties are evenly covered. Examination of heavily powdered sugar on the cake. Using fire-resistant gloves and needles, heat securely holds over the fire until very hot. The private train of Napaloniho on the cake, the first and then the second, which takes the form of large diamonds partially caramelizing sugar. Heat up the skewer often before repeating the procedure. You can also create additional proposals by using heated skewer.