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Jumat, 03 Juni 2011

Fun and healthy Halloween treat Ideas

If you are looking for a way to avoid giving candy on Halloween, take a look at some of our ideas of treat Halloween trick-or-treaters parents will love as much as children.

Now, we all know that Halloween has teamed up with children quit trick-or-treating and probably more that you'll never be able to eat.

Actually end up sharing parents take bowls and bags of work sharing in the Office, so their children do not receive all or sometimes hid for so long that even parents forget where put you and everything is obsolete.

And with today's continuous care and education on obesity in America and help children not to become obese, maybe is time to stop giving so much candy to children.

Even if only one day a year, there are a lot of great possibilities for the delivery of healthy Halloween treats, or even giving some ideas to treat Halloween not feed as an alternative.

So what alternatives are there to the traditional sugar full of trafficking that we can put in the bags surprises?

If shopping in discount stores or hit some sales, will be able to stock up to all these Halloween healthy alternative is that the children can pack in their school lunches:

Juices. These are delicious trafficking come with their own straw shortly in disposable containers. Children love!Trafficking in fruit trees. Snacks of dried fruit and rolled in packages.Snack of crackers or pretzels with cheese packages. It's impractical candies that come in packages with cheese spread included.Bars of granola. Cereals main manufacturers are always coming out with new flavors as S'mores to attract children to eat healthy snacks. It's a great alternative to traditional and so tasty candy bars!Popcorn in microwave. You can now buy this high content of fibre, fun and low calorie snack in small individual servers. Buy a table and open in a container to give to the children.packages of 100 calories of cookies or snacks. Traditional favorites like Chips Ahoy are now in cookies minor size snack packed individual packages of 100 calories of size.Yogurt covered pretzels. Pretzels are also a favorite with children and covered in yogurt pretzels are an alternative deal with great sweat to candy.Path of bags of mix. Mixtures of way often include M & Ms or other pieces of chocolate for children are still receiving candy, not so much and trying to have healthier foods as fruit dried and nuts.

Inedible products are great to give to trick-or-treaters of Halloween too. Not every deal has to be something that can be eaten.

I think that to stuffers of stocking for Christmas when you are looking for alternative ideas to treat Halloween:

Packages of Halloween spooky pen higher erasersSheets of stickers or temporary tattoosSmall toys and those who get in children's meals at fast food restaurantsGift certificate to McDonalds, Burger King or Wendy' laminated sSpooky markers of Halloween - add one of these to each of the other goodies and you encourage children to read too!